Wednesday, June 21, 2017

June Sustainable Souls

The theme for the month of June for the Year-long Sustainable Souls Project is "Carbon Footprint".  At first I struggled with how to proceed with portraying this but once it hit me, it really hit me. But then I did have an issue getting it to work on paper (don't you hate when that happens). I printed off a map of the world and glued that down on a piece of watercolor paper.  Then I wanted to use my own footprint and stamp it with powdered charcoal onto my page but still be able to see the world behind it.  That just ended up being a total mess.  So I printed off a footprint onto white tissue paper and sealed that down over my map with matte medium.

Then I mixed some of that messy powdered charcoal with some Liquitex Matte Gel and laid a good layer on the top and the bottom with a palette knife.  On the bottom, I created two raised sections with the mixture to represent skyscrapers.  Once that was dry, I outlined the buildings with a white sharpie paint pen and also made windows.

It still felt like it needed "something", so then I got out a cotton ball and took that same powdered charcoal and mixed it through the cotton ball (yes my hands were black after that). I stretched out some small pieces of the cotton ball to resemble smoke and attached them with more of that Liquitex Matte Gel.
To finish it off, I had to incorporate my word of the year, as I have been doing to all of my projects for this group.  Again, I struggled with finding one that I hadn't already used.  Then it came to me!
BE Invisible
That is what it is all about!  We need to make our time on the planet as invisible as we can for Mother Earth.  Use less fuel, gas, electricity, and water.  Limit our emissions and waste and INCREASE our recycling.

Thank you for stopping by.