Monday, July 22, 2019

Wish Flag Collaboration

Hello everyone!  Today I'm sharing another collaboration using StencilGirl® stencils initiated by Tina Walker.  Our flag(s) could be made of anything and be as big or small as we wanted.  Mine is made of muslin, cotton batting and assorted ribbons and fabric.  

I tore 10, 6x8 pieces of muslin and cut 5 pieces of cotton batting. I applied white gesso through stencil L550 'Thicket Background'. I grabbed a couple of scrap pieces of muslin and a stencil from the February 2018 stencil club.  I sprayed some dye ink through the stencil onto 1 piece of muslin and printed on another piece of muslin with the excess spray from the stencil.

While those were drying, I applied 1 of 5 different acrylic paints through L676 'Longwood Florals stencil', L422 'Herbs stencil', L594 'Thistle' through 5 of the 6x8 pieces of muslin.  I wanted some "edging" so I applied paint through stencils from October 2018 and December 2017 stencil club in the corners.  While the paint was drying, I gathered some scrap ribbons and fabrics to make some "tails" for my flags.  I knew I wanted some sort of quote on the flags so I grabbed some quotes that I had stamped on some muslin quite awhile ago.

Once everything was dry, I used the same stencil L550 'Thicket Background' and applied pan pastels through the stencil randomly over the white spaces.  Since I wasn't sure if I was going to be hanging this outside, I sprayed all of the flags with a spray fixative so that everything stayed in place.

I sewed on my quotes, then pinned together the muslin with the cotton batting and another piece of muslin. I pinned my tails on the bottom in between the muslin and cotton batting. After everything was pinned up, I sewed around the flags twice with some turquoise thread.

Then I dug through my stash of sari ribbon and found the perfect color of turquoise to hang my flags from.  See below for photos of my beautiful Wish Flags.

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Monday, May 27, 2019

The Serendipitous Slipper Challenge

Hello my creative friends!  It's been awhile!  Today I am blogging about another collaboration.  I can always count on Tina Walker to gather a group of artsy people for a challenge that really makes you think out of the box.

This collaboration/challenge revolved around those "disposable" slippers you get when you go to the spa (I bought a package of 12).  When thinking of what type of project I wanted to do, I couldn't decide between two, so I made both!  Here is what the slippers looked like before deconstructing them.

My "secondary" project was to make a tote. The tote was constructed of washed raw canvas (duck cloth).  After cutting the slippers apart, I dyed a couple of the fabric parts of the slippers in tumeric with sprinkles of instant coffee. I dyed some smaller shapes in acrylic ink.  After everything was dry, I stenciled on shapes with acrylic paint.  I knew I wanted to incorporate the soles of the slippers, so I dabbed some acrylic paint on them and after they were dry, randomly sanded them to show the pattern on the sole.

I machine sewed all of the fabric pieces onto the tote and hand stitched the sole pieces on, then added more hand stitching all over.  I added a cross body shoulder strap made of cotton roping.

My "main" project was a book made after dyeing the fabric with inks, dyes and sprays and machine sewing pieces back to back. I added scraps of ephemera, fabric, paper and embellishments with photos of flowers and plants.

I hope you enjoyed these projects as much as I enjoyed creating them.  I especially love the book!

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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Coffee Filter Collaboration

When the chance for a collaboration came about using coffee filters and tea bags, I jumped at it!
Naturally I could have used the raw color of the coffee and tea (which I may still do at a later date), I chose to color them all kinds of bright colors because I knew I wanted to use Encaustic Medium and Amazing Clear Cast Resin in my project.

I love the look of encaustic and resin together.  You get a different kind of depth with each medium, one has a dreamy look and one has the look of a clear blue ocean.

Here is an image of my final piece and some close-ups.

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Hope you enjoyed my project!  Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, July 23, 2018

The Plain Box Society

 Hello friends!  Today I'm going to share with you a collaboration that Tina Walker organized.
Everyone started off with a Plain brown box and we were instructed to decorate this box with StencilGirl® stencils.  We could use other art materials, but the only stencils we could use were StencilGirl® (is there really any other?!?!😀).  The main stencils I used were L591 Vintage Typewriter Numbers and the big one from the February 2017 Stencil Club.
After much thought of how I wanted to decorate my box, I decided I was going to create a person using the box as my "body".  I came across some deli paper sheets that I had gelli printed using stencils.  I began to rip up the deli paper into small strips and using matte medium I collaged the box with those strips.
Next I knew I wanted the box to have hinges instead of the normal closure, so I sorted through my stash of hinges and finally found some small ones.  I cut off the lid and used brads to attach the hinge to the box.

 When I was looking through all of my metal pieces I came across this piece that I believe was used in a lamp and I knew it had to be my "feet"!  I heated up my hot glue gun and slathered the metal to attach it to the bottom of the box (and boy did the metal get hot!).
 As for the body, I had recently purchased some of vintage clothes pins and figured that would be the perfect shape.  I cut out a face image and covered it with Amazing Clear Cast Resin to give it a little dimension.  After I allowed it to thoroughly cure (about 24 hours), I knew she needed a "crown" so I dug through my metal once again and found a gear.  I adhered the gear then the image to the top of my clothes pin with some E6000.  Once the glue dried, I drilled holes at an angle on the sides of the clothes pin so I could screw in some screws for arms.
 I knew she needed some clothes and I had the perfect idea!  When antique shopping I found a bag of the old school Christmas bulbs.  I picked out some blue ones and if they had the actual bulb in them I removed it.  I strung them together with wire and made her a little skirt!
The crown looked a little off and needed to stand out a little more, so I took one of the clear vintage Christmas bulbs and 2 of the blue bulbs I had removed from her skirt and glued them to the top of the clothes pin.  Perfect addition to balance out the blue skirt.  I wanted to give her some fingers so I pulled out my go-to blue resistors and wrapped a couple around each screw.  She was really coming together!

I cut a hole in the top of the box, making sure it was tight so that the clothes pin wouldn't move around too much.  I again used hot glue on the inside of the box to make sure it wouldn't wobble around.

Now she is done!  See below for the final project and a couple of close-ups.
Thank you for visiting my blog!

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Friday, April 27, 2018

Through Her Eyes Challenge...

In February 2018 I drove to my Sisters' house for a visit over a long weekend.  As we always do, we went shopping at many of the great antique stores in Pennsylvania.  One of the great finds she found was a diary from 1920.  When we got back to her house she read a few of the pages and we got a glimpse of what life was like for a wealthy female in the 1920's.

She came up with the brilliant idea of sharing photos of some of the diary pages and holding a collaboration where some creative people could create a piece of art based on these pages.  I decided on creating a journal page, something that I don't do often but would like to do more of.

Please see below my journal page and some of the diary pages.

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