Friday, April 27, 2018

Through Her Eyes Challenge...

In February 2018 I drove to my Sisters' house for a visit over a long weekend.  As we always do, we went shopping at many of the great antique stores in Pennsylvania.  One of the great finds she found was a diary from 1920.  When we got back to her house she read a few of the pages and we got a glimpse of what life was like for a wealthy female in the 1920's.

She came up with the brilliant idea of sharing photos of some of the diary pages and holding a collaboration where some creative people could create a piece of art based on these pages.  I decided on creating a journal page, something that I don't do often but would like to do more of.

Please see below my journal page and some of the diary pages.

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Much Love ~Tracy


  1. This is so cool and your journal pages are beautiful!

  2. Awesome!!! Really love your journal page! HUGS!