Wednesday, August 23, 2017

August Sustainable Souls Project

This months theme is Green Space, Plants, Trees and Air Purification. With constant increase in population, businesses, roadways and such, the only way for those things to be built is to take away one of the most important things we have as humans... plants and trees.  With those additional buildings and cars, we are also polluting the air we need.  

I really had a hard time deciding what and how I wanted to proceed with August. I went simplistic this month.  I took a piece of watercolor paper and coated it in gesso. I added some script stamping in black archival ink.  I then took a Stencil Girl stencil with herbs on it and used it as my trees and applied it with modeling paste.

After it was dry, I colored over the modeling paste with Neocolor II water soluable crayons. I wet down a paint brush and brushed over the modeling past to blend it all in.  I took a Nathalie Kalbach foam stamp and loaded it up with some blue paint and gently added it around the page.

Once it was dry, I kept adding more Neocolor and spreading it around.  I scribbled around with some Stabilo marks all and added water, letting it spread around.  Once I got the colors to a place that I liked, I took a white Posca paint pen and traced around the plants so they stood out.  I also applied some gesso with a palette knife and some dots in the corners with the paint pen.

As with every month, I added my "Be" word.  I chose "Be Green" for this month.  

Hope you enjoyed my project.  Thank you for stopping by!

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